IMGS 2019 Special sessions

We welcome additional papers in many of our special sessions (see those indicated with *). When you submit your abstract to Easychair, simply choose the session from the drop down menu.

Big Data in Health Geography*

Session organiser(s): Dan Exeter (University of Auckland)

Cycling in cities: Health and safety issues (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Philippe Apparicio and Jeremy Gelb (INRS Urbanisation Culture et Société, University of Québec)

Geographical health variation within Europe (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Ivana Kulhánová (Charles University)

Geographies of Carer-Employees: Balancing paid work & informal caring (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Allison Williams (McMaster University)

Health geography in New Zealand and Australia: Global integration, similarities and differences (panel discussion)

Panelist(s): Graham Moon (University of Southampton), Robin Kearns (University of Auckland), Clive Sabel (Aarhus University)

Indigenous Health Geographies (paper sessions)*

Session organiser(s): Heather Castelden (Queen’s University), Chantelle Richmond (Western University) and Katie Big-Canoe (Western University)

mGeoHealth: Emerging Applications of Location-Based Smartphone Applications in Health (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Malcolm Campbell, Lukas Marek (University of Canterbury) and Oliver Gruebner (University of Zurich)

Moving food environment research forward (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Lukar Thornton (Deakin University), Karen Lamb (Deakin University), Maartje Poelman (Utrecht University)

The Posthuman Turn: Perspectives, Progress and Prospects (panel discussion)

Session organiser(s): Gavin Andrews (McMaster), Cameron Duff (RMIT), Ronan Foley (Maynooth), David Conradson (Canterbury), Kim McLeod (Tasmania), Ed Hall (Dundee)

Space, place and wellbeing at the end of life (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Aileen Collier (University of Auckland)

Teaching in Health and Medical Geography (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Sébastien Fleuret (Angers University), Alexandre Lebel (Laval University), Dr M Campbell (Canterbury University), Dr A Curl (Canterbury University)

Therapeutic landscapes (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Allison Williams (McMaster University)

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Environmental Health in Small Island Development States: Creating a network and set priorities in research, partnership, policy and practice (paper session)*

Session organiser(s): Carmen Anthonj (UNC Chapel Hill)

Working in collaboration with research, policymakers and business: opportunities, challenges and solutions (panel discussion)

Panelist(s): Matthew Hobbs (University of Canterbury), Simon Kingham (Ministry of Transport), Michelle Morris (University of Leeds), Melanie Tomintz (University of Canterbury), additional TBC